2020 – Our Year of Apology continues

When the Reparations Committee originally proposed its spiritual pilgrimage to the Diocese of New York, its members envisioned a three-year plan: A year of Lamentation, a Year of Apology and a Year of Reparations.

However, like life itself, we can never plan perfectly. God’s time, and the movement of the Spirit among all of us, is not based on a precise one-year calendar.

The Reparations Committee members were pleased to see the outpouring of support, interest and genuine desire for engagement with the Year of Apology in the Diocese. We achieved much together in 2019, notably some very successful apology retreats, additional Lamentation plays and more.

But coming to the end of the year, in preparing for Diocesan Convention, it became clear to us that, together as a Diocese, we had only scratched the surface. There was still so much to do…should we march forward? Or trust that our three-year plan might be subject to God’s will and God’s timing?

In prayerful discernment over our summer retreat and into the fall, we discussed, discerned, decided. Let us continue our Year of Apology for at least another year. To give us all time to truly explore what it means. To give birth to our apology podcast that will be published soon, “We’ve All Got Skin in the Game”.

As we begin 2020, we renew our commitment, we begin again and we continue what needs to bear more fruit. Join us as we go deeper, further, into the meaning of apology, the need for apology and the act of apology.

We welcome your participation. Send us your thoughts, reflections, research, documentation on the impact of the transatlantic slave trade in the Diocese of New York, the ongoing consequences of slavery in our day. Send us your prayers, your reflections on apology as we continue our work of healing together.







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