A Personal Testimony: Peace and Wholeness

By: The Rev. Trevor R. Babb, Rector, Christ Church New Brighton, Staten Island, Reparations Committee member

I believe that integral to the work of reparations is the need for peace and wholeness.

Coming out of our recent Diocesan Convention with the theme: “Your faith has made you whole” the word which captured my attention – the word which stayed with me was “wholeness”. It captured my attention because I did not know how broken I was from no vacation for more than two years. It captured my attention because for the first time in two years, my entire family was together in one place and I began to feel, even amidst the energy and attention solicited by my two grand-daughters – Peace and Wholeness.

On Sunday, December 5th, 2021, we light the second candle on the Advent wreath – the candle of PEACE. This will mean more to me this year than in many other years because I feel a sense of real peace and wholeness after a few weeks of needed rest and being with my entire family. Yes, I feel whole and more at peace with me! My advice out of all this is to TAKE VACATION!!! I therefore leave you with these questions for your own reflection:

1) Where in this busy life are you finding peace?

2) What are you doing to stay whole?

3) How is it with you?

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