Let us pray

A sacred space for prayer

As we in the Diocese of New York live into our experience of documenting and examining the Diocese’s historical involvement with slavery, and its devastating historical and modern consequences that have injured us all, we may want to express ourselves and connect with God and others through prayer.

The EDNY Reparations blog is a space for sharing stories and histories, but also for prayer. This is a sacred space to share our thoughts, feelings and prayers, and to connect with each other in spiritual community as we read the offerings of others who are moving through this experience with us.

The prayer space will offer

  • framing prayers and meditations that guide us in praying about and for the themes in our three-part journey: Lamentations, Apology, Reparations
  • historical prayers associated with the transatlantic slave trade and its abolition
  • prayers, meditations or reflections written by members of the Diocese of New York in response to this experience

EDNY Reparations hopes that, through the act of praying together, this virtual sacred space will foster reflection, healing and community. The Reparations Committee will pray for the Diocese as a whole, and more generally for those whose lives were or are affected by the devastating consequences of slavery in our country and worldwide.

How will we do this? On the right hand side of this blog you will see a small space entitled “Let us pray”. Imagine this as a virtual praying space. The text will be updated with prayers, meditations and requests for prayer. We invite you to join us in these prayers during your own prayer time, and to let us know that you are doing so. We also invite you to submit your own prayer requests so that the Committee can include them in their prayers. Please reach out to us via the “Contact us” page, or via email at diocesanrepcommittee@gmail.com.