New Year 2022: pandemic perils, reparations progress

Happy New Year from the Reparations Committee! May God continually bless you and yours with perfect purpose, health and happiness.

Nearly two years after the SARS-COV19 pandemic began, we Reparations Committee members imagine that you, too, are sick of being sick. Despite the tremendous promise and delivery of 2021’s miracle vaccines, the pandemic we longed to see end has…not. Our plans to resume our in-person monthly committee meetings at the Cathedral have been stymied once again. Our work continues remotely. And yet, as our Nehemiah reading from this Epiphany III Sunday reminds us, “do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Zoomed out though we may feel, we are zooming in on our Reparations plans as 2022 unfurls. We are preparing a mini-retreat to propose recommendations for the Reparations Fund and pray that, a year from now, Diocesan Convention 2022 will have endorsed our recommendations. We are recruiting a Committee fellow to gather and share the many stories the Diocese has collected through individuals and parishes. We are considering content for a new DVD or film to complement our excellent 2008 version. We envision a fresh Voices Heard series on voting rights and colorism. You, our diocesan partners, are central to our minds and hearts in all of this, and we hope to hear from you on your ideas for next steps.

Parallel to this work are our plans to continue our ongoing learning and education. Here are a few of the titles we’re considering for our reading – privately, in groups, for future retreats, meditations, toolkits. Please join us, share your own titles, send us your book reviews and reactions, stories of how you are incorporating reading into your reparations reflections:

The 1619 Project.

A Racial and Latinx History of the US.

Begin Again. Eric Glaud.

Caste. Isabel Wilkerson.

How the Word is Passed. Clint Smith.

Just Us. Claudia Rankin.

The Lessons of Ubuntu. Mark Mantobani.

Let’s Talk Race: A Guide for White People.

My Time Will Come. Ian Manuel.

Nothing but Freedom, Emancipation and Its Legacy. Eric Phomer.

Resurrection Hope. Kelly Brown Douglas.

The Second Founding.

The Sum of Us. Heather McGee.

Walk With Me (Bio on Fannie Lou Hamor). Kate Clifford Laursen.

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