Building a New Foundation for Repair

The Diocese of New York, in partnership with its Reparations Commission, took significant steps at its Diocesan Convention this fall to move towards a new phase in its movement to repair and make amends for its history of complicity with slavery.

The Convention roll-outs set the scene, with a specific roll-out on October 26th dedicated to Reparations. Following a video presentation, Reparations Commission members Diane Pollard and Waddell Stillman set out the points in favor of a resolution to establish a new foundation to administer the funds set aside by Bishop Andrew Dietsche and the Diocese. In case you missed it, watch the roll-out presentation here.

Thankfully, the resolution passed at the November Diocesan Convention, and thus a new 501c3 foundation will take form in the next year to serve as a container for existing and future funds for racial reconciliation and reparations work in our Diocese.

Also high on our fall agenda was the election of the Bishop Co-Adjutor on December 3rd. The Commission expresses its support and assurances of its members’ prayers for The Reverend Matt Heyd, elected and to be consecrated in 2023. Having worked with Matt+ on several webinars and other events related to racial reconciliation, the Commission members are confident that the diocesan commitment to reparations and anti-racism will continue to expand and deepen in this next episcopal phase of the Diocese of New York.

As Advent is upon us and the end of the year approaches, we give thanks for the growing awareness and willingness of our diocese’s members to face head on the cry for justice for our enslaved ancestors, and our present-day siblings who bear the brunt of our past sins. For them, we pray for continued justice and repair, in the name of the One who died for our sins, redeems us all and calls us to truth, justice and peace.

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