Welcome to the EDNY Reparations blog

Welcome to the blog of the Episcopal Diocese of New York’s Reparations Committee. This is your blog. Our blog. A blog we share in and hope to create together with you.

Let’s start by explaining why we started this blog and what we hope it will do. And what we hope you will do with it, too.

While the Committee already communicates its mission, activities and news via the Episcopal Diocese of New York’s Reparations Committee on Slavery webpage and Facebook page, we wanted to develop a space where we could share stories, reflections and findings from our work together. In November 2017 at Diocesan Convention, our Committee will roll out a three-year program of activities and reflections for people of the Diocese of New York:

In Year 1 (Nov 2017-Nov 2018), we hope to reflect together on Lamentation.

In Year 2 (Nov 2018-Nov 2019), we will turn with the people of the diocese to think about a year of Apology.

In Year 3 (Nov 2019-Nov 2020), we will look together at Reparations.

In all of this journey together, we will hear many stories, learn from each other and have many thoughts to share together. This blog is designed as a space to foster that sharing in community.

So, this blog is a space for all kinds of sharing: story-telling, memory sharing, historical narrating, fact finding, meditating and praying. All gathered from and shared between members of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and from the Reparations Committee. Our hope is that it will offer

  • historical accounts associated with the transatlantic slave trade and its abolition
  • personal stories and factual findings about the Church’s involvement in slavery from people, parishes and institutions in the Diocese
  • meditations, reflections and prayers contributed by members of the Diocese of New York in response to this experience

The blog’s administrators actively solicit content throughout the year, aiming for a new post every two weeks.

Interested in writing a guest blog post? We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us via the “Contact us” page.

For more information and news from the EDNY Reparations Committee, check out an overview of our work on the Episcopal Diocese of New York’s Reparations Committee on Slavery webpage and keep up to date with our latest news via our Facebook page.